First Baptist Church 1938 Hurricane


The First Baptist Church originally stood at the foot of Vernon st, near 686 Washington St, current site of Byblos restaurant and Burn Boot Camp (home of New England Taekwondo and Ice Jack for many years).

In September of 1938, Norwood was struck hard with the Hurricane of ’38. Many houses and buildings throughout Massachusetts were damaged or destroyed, and Norwood was no exception.

Trees were knocked down all over town and several buildings and houses were struck, but the most dramatic loss in Norwood was the spire at the First Baptist Church.

The fall of the church spire was captured in a several photos.


The replacement spire was a different, smaller style and changed the look of the Church completely.

In 1951, a new church was built near the corner of Bond and Walpole streets and the old church was torn down.

The church on Bond st and Walpole st, shortly after it’s completion in 1951


Norwood Fire Station OCC Then and Now

This beautiful brick building stands at 171 Nahatan st on the corner of Market st, between the Norwood Town Hall and the Norwood Civic Center. Built in 1906-07, it was Norwood’s main fire house for over 50 years. The fire brigade used horses to pull the engines until at least WWI, and continued to use them well in to the automobile age.

In 1964, the fire house was closed when a new Fire and Police Station was built further down on Nahatan st. This is the building as it looked in 1983 when it was being used for storage.

At some point in the 1980’s the building was renovated into an upscale restaurant complete with a function room. Since 1999 it’s been the home of the Olde Colonial Cafe, formerly located on Savin Ave.