1958 Neponset Street – Deerfield Park – Boston Globe Ad

In September of 1958, contractor John Cieri ran this ad in the Boston Globe for “Deerfield Park”, a newly constucted neighborhood of ranch style, split level and tri-level homes on the West of Neponset Street between US Route 1 and the newly constructed I-95.

This 2018 Google street view of a home on Deerfield Rd shows one of the homes today, looking almost identical to the home in the ad 60 years earlier.

Image courtesy Google Maps

Norwood Airport Aerial View Then and Now

The view of Norwood Airport from 1953 shows how relatively undeveloped the area still was.  Center right of the photo shows that the airport itself was much smaller, with most of the airport buildings close to the bend of access road.


The wooded area in the center of the photo houses many of the planes and helicopters in hangers today.

Toward the bottom of the photo in the center is the intersection of Neponset Street and Route 1. Today you have to use the Pendergast circle rotary (right side of the 2018 photo) to access the other side of Neponset street one section of Neponset is a dead end street.